Second cracked window in need of repair at San Francisco’s Millennium Tower

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SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. (KRON) — If you look closely, you can see the faint line of the long, slightly curved vertical crack on a pane of glass located on the 6th floor of the Millennium Tower in San Francisco.

It’s on the Natoma Street side of the building, the same side where a window on the 41st floor shattered causing glass to rain down on the streets below during Sunday’s high winds.  

In the notice of violation filed at the luxury condo high rise, the city building inspector called out to the scene noted that the second cracked window on the lower floor could have been caused by falling debris.

A crew in a suspended scaffolding could be seen covering the crack with a protective coating Tuesday and an engineering crew was out taking a topographical survey at the base of the building.  

The building’s management has until close of business Tuesday to turn over an engineering report on the incident to the city.

Up at the park on top of the Transbay Transit Center, groundskeepers were still raking up huge shards of glass that fell as a result of that broken window.     

Despite the fact that the Millennium Tower is now infamous for the fact that’s tilting and leaning nearly a foot and a half, a spokesperson for the building’s homeowners association says this incident has no relationship to the high rise’s structural integrity.

It is instead the result of the gale force winds that day coupled with the fact the resident of that 41st floor condo left their window open in those conditions.

The building’s management was given seven days to finish the work of replacing the patched window on the 41st floor with new glass.

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