We’re learning about another broken window at the Millennium Tower in San Francisco.

The worst part? 

According to a report released to KRON4 it shows a window washing firm has known about the crack for years. 

You can see the damaged and cracked window between the ninth and tenth floor from the Fremont side of the building. 

There is a little piece of duct tape on it. 

City officials are extremely concerned, saying it was discovered by building engineers on Friday in a visual inspection, but it was not reported to the department of building inspection until Monday.

Sam Francisco Supervisor Aaron Peskin says this is putting the safety of everyone walking below at risk. 

“You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to realize if a window fails and shards of glass are crashing from above, that’s a dangerous situation and I mean, here we are, in this earthquake prone town, last night we had high winds in San Francisco.. this is a window system that is designed to withstand hurricane force winds and large seismic events so the fact that windows are continuing to fail on the Fremont Street side of the building really calls into question whether or not there are some structural forces having to do with the differential settlement, the sinking, the silting of the building, that may be at play here which they keep denying but this is number two,” said Peskin. 

Previously, a crack was found in another window on the 36th floor. 

Peskin says the city has ordered the Millennium Tower Homeowners Association to put out protective scaffolding to protect people walking on the sidewalks no later than Friday afternoon. 

But the Homeowners Association says they will be fixing the window today and the scaffolding is unnecessary. 

They also say the building is safe for residents.