SEE IT: Surveillance video captures ‘coordinated’ theft at Concord toy store

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CONCORD (KRON) — Tom Fitzsimmons noticed a new LEGO set worth nearly $200 went missing at his store, Pot of Gold Collectibles in Concord, last week. 

He’s now disappointed after watching back surveillance video and learning a child stole it, with the help of what looks to be his mom and dad.

“This isn’t their first rodeo. They’ve done this before pretty much guarantee it. I mean it was coordinated. It was specific. It was in and out in 90 seconds,” Fitzsimmons said. “A child is learning things that he should not be learning, let alone from his adult companions.”

You can see the family walk into the store together and then quickly break up.

“They went over to the LEGO section,” he said. “They slide out that particular set out just enough to give it a balance so that way it wouldn’t fall and make a noise where I would’ve made a comment.”

Next you see the child try to get inside a locked cabinet.

He’s unsuccessful and then returns to the front of the store to signal his family it’s time to leave.

The child then pulls out the LEGO set as his mother shields him while the father diverts Fitzsimmons attention to the back of the store. 

“They’re condoning it and not only condoning it but helping him do it. Overall it’s just straight up wrong.”

Now Fitzsimmons says he wants justice, not because of what was stolen from him but more so for the future of the child.

“I’m concerned for the child,” he said. “What he’s doing and what they’re teaching him to do is not play. It’s theft. What’s next? Car out in parking lot? He’s gonna break into someone’s house? You know this is just a stepping stone.”

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