Monday night’s commute got a little extra weird when a bicyclist decided to beat traffic and cruise along the lower deck of the Bay Bridge. 

Video recorded by Alicia Cocchi shows the bicyclist on a pink bike riding eastbound, dead smack in the middle during the 6 p.m. commute. 

Multiple videos posted on social media captured the strange scene. 

“This woman is escaping SF on bike and this song came on the radio. #leaveyourproblemsbehind”

Tony Scherba posted a video on Twitter, saying “I guess this is how you beat the bay bridge traffic.”

The woman was contacted by CHP near Treasure Island and was taken into custody. 

Officials say she was incoherent and appeared to be a danger to herself. 

She was transferred to a mental health facility, according to authorities.

Over the weekend, a sideshow caught on camera halted traffic on the Bay Bridge; one person was arrested. 

Never a dull day in the Bay!