(KRON) — California senator and Oakland native Kamala Harris took the national stage for the second day in a row tonight.

This time at a town hall meeting in Iowa televised on CNN.

Sen. Harris not wasting any time addressing the divide within the country. It’s been a busy week for the senator.

Sunday she drew 20,000 at campaign launch rally in Oakland.

San Francisco State Professor Marcela Garcia-Castañon says that momentum is certainly building when it comes to Sen. Harris.

The democratic senator has brought on campaign staff from former President Barack Obama’s team and others as well.

The challenge will be to keep that momentum going.

At the town hall meeting Monday Sen. Harris took moments to target President Trump.

Sen. Harris launched her campaign well before Trump launched his campaign going into the 2016 election.

Garcia says that will be a challenge.

If Sen. Harris is the frontrunner than others within the party will come after her.

Harris sounded determined Monday night — saying she’s been counted out before because of her gender and race but that hasn’t stopped her.