OAKLAND, Calif. (KRON) — Alameda County District Attorney Pamela Price addressed questions from the community on Saturday during a town hall meeting.

Before taking questions from a crowd that grew to more than 70 people, Price gave a PowerPoint presentation detailing her office’s role in addressing crime and the accomplishments she says she has made in her first eight months as district attorney.

The meeting was held at Cornerstone Missionary Baptist Church in the Laurel District. Price only took questions from the public for about 30 minutes.

She has committed to what she calls restorative justice by pursuing alternatives to incarceration and avoiding charging youth as adults. Her stance on reducing sentencing enhancements has been a point of contention for many in the community.

“They do not deter crime. They, number two, they are racially biased,” said Price. 

This meeting comes as the effort to recall Price is underway after the signatures needed to push the movement forward were recently certified in the county.

Andre Ungs, Laurel Ace store manager, told Price his store has been burglarized several times and his employees have also been robbed. He disagrees with her approach to holding criminals accountable for their actions.

“It doesn’t really help too much because they kind of just kind of catch and release,” Ungs said.

Price declined to take questions from reporters who attended the meeting.