SAN JOSE, Calif. (KRON) — A serial cat killer was released early from a Santa Clara County jail this week. 

Robert Roy Farmer was sentenced to serve 16 years behind bars in 2017 for killing and mutilating cats around the Cambrian Park neighborhood in San Jose. 

Investigators believe he mutilated and killed at least 18 cats. Several other felines were injured.

He was eligible for supervised early release after serving less than half of his sentence. 

Santa Clara County Deputy District Attorney Alexandra Gadeberg said she is concerned.

“These were heinous crimes that understandably caused so much pain, fear, outrage and heartache in our community. The fact of the matter is that here in California, persons convicted of these offences only serve half of their sentence in custody – and even then, they are eligible to serve part of their sentence out in the community, while under supervision. I sincerely hope that Robert Farmer has and continues to receive the services and rehabilitation to prevent him from ever committing these crimes again,” Gadeberg told KRON4 Friday.

Under his probation terms, Farmer is forbidden from owning, taking care of, or living with any animal for a decade. He’s also banned from Cambrian Park.

Beloved pet cats disappeared over the course of two months in 2015. 

When Farmer was arrested, police officers found him sleeping in his car with a deceased cat. He later pleaded guilty to more than 20 counts of felony animal cruelty. 

Cambrian Park residents said they are still haunted by Farmer’s cat-killing spree. 

On NextDoor, neighbors warned each other to be on the lookout for 31-year-old man.