MARIN COUNTY, Calif. (KRON) – Authorities are increasing patrols after several senior citizens reported that a bunch of teens was firing off paintballs at them causing several injuries.

One victim ended up going to the hospital. 

Pictures show bruises that are painful and concerning. The victim went to the hospital to have her injuries checked for blood clots. 

“These weapons can cause serious injuries, depending on where they are hit, and in some cases they can cause permanent damage,” Mike Brovelli said. 

Marin County Sheriff’s Sergeant Mike Brovelli talking about these pictures showing a woman hit with a paintball projectile.   

In fact, not only hit, but injured. The 60 year old woman says she was stuck on the legs and the back.

“What happened was yesterday and day before yesterday we got a few calls about juveniles shooting paintball at people, one victim came into the substation and reported the incident to us,” Brovelli said. 

Sergeant Brovelli says extra patrols have been called in and around Marin City where the crime allegedly occurred. 

“We take this very seriously, we are trying to catch these juveniles because they are juveniles, there is a county code that if we don’t actually see the in the act, we can’t arrest them. It is a misdemeanor a not a prosecution unless they are caught in the act.  If the victim knows then a citizen’s arrest can be made,” Brovelli said. 

The victim’s relative tells KRON4 News, they are very upset about what has happened and worried about retaliation for speaking up.

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