(KRON) – As monkeypox cases rise, there is a growing call to get more vaccines into the hands of those who need it the most. The San Francisco AIDS Foundation wants to play a pivotal role in fighting the spread of monkeypox. 

“We are really advocating urgently to get at least 1,000 doses of the vaccine in the next 30 days into our hands so we can try and beat the curve of new infections,” said Tyler TerMeer, CEO of the SF AIDS Foundation.

TerMeer is sounding the alarm. He wants more vaccines as soon as possible.  

“We actually opened a hotline,” TerMeer said. “More than 500 calls a day, and triaging folks who may be eligible. Currently, we have about 400 individuals on our waitlist for the vaccine. The foundation has received only about 90 doses. We would need something like 600 to treat all of the patients that might be at high risk within our clinic.”

The San Francisco Public Health Department, which receives the vaccine supplies from the federal and state government, sent KRON4 News this statement. 

“SFDPH takes monkeypox seriously. While most cases resolve on their own without pills or treatment, monkeypox can be serious. We are trying to contain outbreaks and reduce transmission to avoid the virus spreading to more people and potentially becoming endemic.”

They continued saying they are increasing education about its spread from close and extended contact with an infected person. They do expect to get more doses soon.

Warren Wood received his first of two shots the other day at a pop-up clinic in Berkeley.

“I wanted to be proactive,” he said. “I knew limited supplies and based on where I have been, I was a bit concerned given how it is transmitted.”

Wood went with several friends who also got vaccinated.

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“I think a lot of people are looking to get the vaccine and the government needs to order a lot more because the demand is pretty high,” he said.