SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. (KRON) — Saturday was the first day without indoor dining in San Francisco.

The city issued a new health order after a recent spike in COVID cases.

The weather was good for outdoor dining in North Beach Saturday but it’s still a long road ahead into the unknown.

Jessica Furui understands why San Francisco Public Health officials ordered to ban indoor dining.

“It impacts everybody and I think what we need to continue doing is keeping the information and keeping people informed,” Furui said. “Keeping people doing what’s required of them as businesses.”

Hand sanitizer sits at the window of family cafe on Columbus Ave. in the city’s North Beach neighborhood.

Furui just celebrated her business’ one year anniversary, in the age of COVID. Few tables are used outside but most of the service was made for indoors.

“We have a large dining area upstairs that’s basically used for storing all our takeout supplies now,” she said.

Takeout is what’s keeping the place afloat, Furui found other options to stay in business.

“I’ve been doing about two to three cakes a week for people which is really lovely and it makes me happy that people can continue to kind of celebrate something during this kind of crisis,” Furui said.

San Francisco is in the most relaxed COVID tier but indoor dining was banned because of a recent spike in COVID-19 cases.

A recent study by Stanford suggests indoor dining presents great risk of spreading the virus.

The reopening freeze should lift when health officials see COVID cases go down.

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