SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — Cyclists in San Francisco held a rally and ride demanding the city put protective bike lanes on Arguello Boulevard. That’s where world champion cyclist Ethan Boyes was hit and killed one week ago Tuesday.

A coalition of advocates and community members put this rally and ride together in honor of Boyes. They say protected lanes could prevent another tragedy from happening.

James Grady, a friend of Boyes said, “I’ll be thinking of Ethan on this ride today. There is already maybe 80-100 people here. That’s about a fraction of the people whose lives Ethan has touched.”

Grady became friends with Boyes in 2016. They shared a love for cycling.

“Ethan would have ridden on this road hundreds if not thousands of times. He was a prestigious cyclist,” Grady said.

Boyes lived in San Francisco and was riding his bike on Arguello Boulevard, just like any other day, when he was hit and killed by a car. Now a ghost bike lies there as a memorial.

On Tuesday, before the sun went down, dozens of cyclists got together for a slow ride in honor of Boyes and to raise awareness about the need for more bike safety.

The San Francisco Bicycle Advisory Committee has been working for months to get the city to approve protected bike lanes on Arguello Boulevard from Fulton all the way to the Presidio.

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The committee even put together a petition, but Kristin Tieche, San Francisco Bicycle Advisory Committee vice chair says the city has not moved forward.

“We don’t have time to wait anymore. If we wait again, a few more months, there is going to be another injury or another fatality on Arguello,” she said.

Ethan’s death was on federal land. The Presidio trust has told KRON4 that they have worked diligently to improve safety and expand routes for cyclists and pedestrians. On Wednesday, a petition with 650 signatures will be presented to city supervisors.