SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — The San Francisco Board of Supervisors president Aaron Peskin said he’s putting the mayor on notice. He wants to host the board’s next mayor’s question time outside of City Hall–just feet away from the building, where he said there’s a humanitarian crisis at the United Nations Plaza.

“To focus public attention and media attention on the loss of many lives to drug overdoses, open air drug dealing, we’ve seen too many businesses shutter and close because customers, employees, residents are not feeling safe,” Peskin said.

This proposal comes just days after a Whole Foods on 8th and Market announced a temporary closure, just one year after opening, because of safety concerns.

“Yes, I’m obviously concerned with the closure of that grocery store, but this is much more than the closure of a business and the loss of jobs. This is about a systemic response from the city and county of San Francisco,” Peskin said.

KRON4 reporter Amanda Hari asked Peskin if he was concerned about security and safety at the meeting.

“It’s ironic that people are even asking that question all of our public spaces should be safe and by bringing the board of supervisors and the mayor to that location it’s going to help make it safe,” Peskin said.

Peskin said they have the resources to make it safe. The board approved a midyear appropriation of $25 million to fund police overtime. He said it’s time that the board holds mayor breed accountable.

“We need to do more than just declare something is a crisis, we need to act like it’s a crisis,” Peskin said.

The meeting is likely to happen on May 23 but it could be sooner. Peskin said this may not be a one-time exercise. He’s open to moving future meetings to other areas in the city, like 16th and Mission where there are similar problems.