SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — The windows that broke during the storm on Tuesday at 555 California Street are boarded up. The city’s department of building inspectors has given the management a notice of violation saying the windows must be replaced immediately.

However, the weather could play a role in when that happens. San Francisco inspectors are asking the management of 555 California to replace the windows as soon as possible in order to meet compliance.

But as you can imagine, it gets very windy on the 43rd floor where those two windows are. Building managers could be waiting until the winds calm down to replace them.

Glass shards fall down to the San Fransico streets below after one window shattered and another cracked on the 43rd floor during the high wind advisory Tuesday.

This is the notice of violation since sent to the management of 555 California Street from the San Francisco Department of Building Inspectors (DBI). The 52-floor building is one of the tallest in San Francisco.

It was built in 1969 and was formally known as the Bank of America Tower.

The day the windows broke, the city was hit with wind gusts of more than 50 mph, and at that height, the wind gets even stronger.

These are photos taken by city inspectors once they were called to the scene on Tuesday. City inspectors are now requiring the building engineer to do a survey report of the building facades to make sure all glass panels are secure.

According to the city complaint documents, the window opening is secured with plywood now, and replacement windows have been ordered. The building engineer does not need a permit to work on the windows.

Once the windows are replaced, the city asks they have the exterior surveyed by a California-licensed architect or engineer to ensure stability — then provide a report to the DBI within 14 days.

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If building management does not take care of it, there is a chance they could be fined, but the communications director for DBI says they just want the windows replaced as soon as safely possible.

It could take a bit longer as management waits for the weather to cooperate.

KRON4 reached out to the management of 555 California, but they did not want to comment.

The city’s latest building code states buildings and structures should be capable of resisting wind forces. KRON4 also reached out to several structural engineers in the city to ask if it’s normal for windows in high rises to break during high winds. We have not heard back.