SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) – San Francisco businessman Manny Yekutiel of Manny’s in the Mission District is in Israel visiting his family. KRON4 spoke with him about being in what’s now a war zone.

“Imagine a missile rains down from the sky to 18th and Castro and blows up badlands. Imagine having to go to bed at night knowing that that’s possible. And that’s what people are living with here,” he said. “And they’re scared. I have nine nieces and nephews. My sisters both have new babies that are just a couple of weeks, a couple months old. They need to be near a bomb shelter. It’s serious.”

Manny had been visiting his family in the mountains of Bet Shemesh but left for Tel Aviv Monday morning to help with relief efforts.

“There were probably 1,000 people, all ages. Folks were coming in with shopping carts full of things. And then those things were sorted and moved to various stations, and then boxes were packed that were going to the north on the Lebanon border and south to the… I guess wherever the kind of military activities happening, and also separate packages group for families who have been affected by everything that gone on. It made me realize how much Israel is also a family and how bonded and connected the people here are through hardship,” he said. 

Manny says he will continue to help until he is scheduled to return to the Bay Area next week. He says after seeing video of the weekend protests and counter-protests in San Francisco, he hopes people will take extra time to study what’s going on.

“The real horrors of what happened happened in the Southern south of Israel where innocent people, unarmed people in their homes or out in fields or out at work, were taken away or just killed and murdered in cold blood. That is not resistance. There’s honor and resistance that is barbaric, and that is terrorism,” he said.