SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) – San Francisco Public Works will be cracking down on street vendors starting today.

If sellers don’t have a permit, then items will be taken away.

Officers will be accompany Public Works crews in case anything gets out of hand.

Crews will be going to the plaza above the Bay Area Rapid Transit station at Mission and 24th streets.

Vendors must have the permit on display or have it ready to provide when asked. If not the vendor does not have one then they will be asked to pack up and go.

Fences were put up at the plaza months ago to stop the sale of illegal goods, but that didn’t stop the vending.

It costs street vendors $430 to get a permit, but there are fee waivers for low-income people applying that make it essentially free to get one.

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Permit holders must also have a business license.

As of Aug. 30, Public Works says it has received more than 50 permit applications, mostly for the Mission neighborhood. As of the same date only four permits had been issued.

The city says some had incomplete information and others were referred to the Department of Public Health for a special food permit.

If vendors do not comply with the new permit system, they could face fines up to $200 for the first violation, $500 for the second and $1,000 for each additional violation within the same year.