SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — District Attorney Brooke Jenkins is reversing her effort to change San Francisco’s sanctuary city policy.

Her announcement on Wednesday was a part of her effort to get two men extradited from other countries and be brought back to the city for prosecution. The Department of Homeland Security told Jenkins federal officials could arrest and bring the two suspects, both accused of murder and rape, back to the city only if city officials agreed to notify ICE if either suspect makes bail or is released from custody for any reason.

Jenkins said she received major pushback from community members and immigrant rights activists expressing concerns. “At that time, I felt it was my obligation to seek justice for these victims and do so expeditiously,” said Jenkins.

She is now asking the federal government for help without asking them to break the sanctuary city policy. “I’m not asking for them to vote on those ordinances anymore. Instead, at this time, I am standing with the community in support of the sanctuary city policy and urging the federal government and the Department Homeland Security to respect our sanctuary city policy. Respect what we stand for here in San Francisco,” said Jenkins.

President of the Union Local 87 Olga Miranda joined Jenkins for her announcement on Wednesday. “It says a lot about leadership when someone says this is not the right path. We have to go back to the drawing board. What she did was absolutely right which is making sure immigrants in San Francisco feel protected by her office,” said Miranda.

Miranda said it’s been a tough week, as this is the second time the sanctuary city policy has been threatened. On Tuesday, supervisors debated a proposal from Supervisor Matt Dorsey who wanted to add fentanyl crimes to the list of reasons why undocumented immigrants can be targeted by police. Supervisors, however, voted 10-to-1 to keep the sanctuary policy the same.

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“Majority are standing with us. It was ten votes. It sends a very strong message. But the DA has said I’m not on that island, I’m with San Francisco,” said Miranda.

Jenkins said she is optimistic homeland security will make an exception to extradite the two suspects so she can bring them to justice. There is some concern that the two wanted men will hear about being sought after and flee again.