SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. (KRON) — An antique and jewelry store in San Francisco is back open after being forced to close for almost a year.

Mureta & Co. on Fillmore Street was heavily damaged and had some priceless items taken last December. Now, they’re once again welcoming customers — just in time for the holidays. 

It was a long 11 months for the owners of Mureta & Co. Their store in Pacific Heights was virtually trashed last year by burglars, but now they say they’re back and better than before.

It’s the same pineapple door, but a brand new shop inside. The antique and jewelry store on Fillmore Street looks a lot different than it did nearly a year ago. 

Mureta & Co. is John Quillinan’s dream business. Quillinan spoke with KRON4 about his business. “Last December, the store was covered in broken glass and expensive jewelry was stripped from the shelves,” he said.

It was a heartbreaking time for the small business, but its owner wasted no time renovating. Quillinan said, “We love the store. We love the neighborhood and we love our customers so we had no interest in leaving. This is the place. This is the place to be.”

Quillinan says it’s been a tough few years for small businesses and it’s disappointing to see empty storefronts throughout the city. He’s hoping by sharing their recovery it’ll inspire others to reopen or move in.

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With the holidays not far away, it would also be nice to see people return to his store. He says, “I think our old customers would be shocked to see what the store looks like now. They’ll be happy and surprised. Been here 40 years, we’ll be here for another 40.”