SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — By now you’ve seen the video that outraged many in the Bay Area, an unhoused woman being sprayed with water on San Francisco city streets. On Sunday, the NAACP held a forum with local leaders to discuss what’s being done.

The San Francisco chapter of the NAACP is demanding the business owner apologize for spraying the unhoused woman. The group’s president held a forum Sunday to discuss what happened and how it relates to the larger problem of homelessness in the city.

“That is brutal and downright insane,” said San Francisco NAACP President Rev. Amos Brown. “I’ve been trying to get ahold of him. You ought to be able to say sorry that shows you’re a man.”

Brown is referring to this video showing an art gallery owner using a hose to spray an unhoused black woman on the sidewalk — yelling at her to move away from his business.

“We cannot allow ourselves to get to that point,” said SF District Attorney Brooke Jenkins. “It took me back to visions of police using fire hoses against Black people in the south.”

Down in Birmingham, Alabama, I knew of those days,” Brown said.

The video has sparked not only outrage but also a larger debate about the homelessness crisis.

City leaders discussed their thoughts at the forum held at the Third Baptist Church Sunday afternoon. Everyone agreed that unhoused people have to be given resources for mental health and addiction issues.

Brown talked about a federal judge’s ruling that stops the city from sweeping homeless encampments unless they can provide unhoused people a bed at a shelter. The SF NAACP plans to file an appeal of that ruling, saying it is too restrictive on the city.

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“Yes, unhoused people have rights, but so do we have rights,” Brown said. “We should not make this one-sided at all. These people need case management, help yes, but we send the wrong message when we say let’s leave a human being in filth and garbage.”

KRON4 has reached out to the art gallery owner several times for comment. We have not heard back.