SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) – Due to the short supply of the monkeypox vaccine Jynneos, the San Francisco Department of Public Health moved to an “alternative technique” for vaccine distribution Aug. 18.

The technique, placing the jab beneath the surface of the skin instead of in a muscle, will allow one dose to be split into five, according to federal health authorities, who moved to stretch the supply of vaccines earlier this month.

“The technique requires less dosage while achieving a similar level of immunity as the more traditional technique of injecting into the muscle,” a DPH spokesperson stated to KRON4. “A single-dose vial can be split when the intradermal method is used – extending the number of San Franciscans we can vaccinate by as many as fivefold.”

DPH stated that it instructed providers to use the intradermal method last week, and that “most sites will completely switch to this technique by the time the next vaccine allocation arrives.”

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“The intradermal method does require updated protocols and additional training for many vaccinator staff and may be slower to administer,” the statement continues. “SFDPH has been reviewing federal and state guidance, advising vaccinating providers, and adjusting operations to ensure San Francisco’s vaccine providers continue to reach as many people who need the vaccine as quickly and equitably as possible.”