CORRECTION: The original version of this report stated Mayor London Breed had not commented on Ann Hsu’s racial remarks. In fact, Breed called the remarks “wrong and hurtful.” (July 25)

SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) – San Francisco Board of Education Commissioner Ann Hsu has apologized for her racial comments on Black and brown student achievement, but the list of people demanding her resignation is growing.

The San Francisco branch of the NAACP is now calling on her to step down from the school board.

In a statement, the NAACP stated that Hsu’s comments are not only racist but also show a profound disconnect between her and the Black community.

Hsu, who was appointed by Mayor London Breed, is one of three replacement members of the board appointed after February’s recall.

Hsu made the comments in a San Francisco Parent Action questionnaire. She said that Black and brown students do not perform as well as others due to a “lack of family support,” “unstable family environments” and “lack of parental encouragement to focus on or value learning.”

Several city supervisors have called out Hsu, including Board President Shamann Walton, who represents Bayview-Hunters Point. Breed called the comments “wrong and hurtful,” but did not call for Hsu’s resignation, multiple media outlets reported.

Hsu issued an apology saying that her statements reflected her own limited experiences and inherent biases.

The NAACP says Hsu’s explanation shows she has very limited knowledge of Black people.

The civil rights organization states that “Hsu has offered an apology and promised to ‘do better.’ While her apology is accepted, it is not enough to overcome the damage she has done. The Black community in San Francisco cannot put its trust in her to be an advocate for the needs of Black students, especially access to all the educational opportunities available to other students.”

The NAACP says as a leader Hsu needs to be held accountable, and the organization voted 105-0 demanding that she step down from her role on the board immediately.