SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) – A nonprofit director was brutally attacked outside of the Ella Hill Hutch Community Center where he works with children at a San Francisco nonprofit.

James Spingola, also known as “Uncle Stank” to many of the youth he works with, was assaulted by two homeless men Friday morning after he asked them to move their things away from the youth center. Spingola spoke with KRON4 about the attack.

“I just felt something hit me in the back of the head and just felt myself going out then when I turned around it was in my face then. So, it was like the 2×4 hit me in the face then,” said Spingola.

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Spingola said he was taking the trash out in the back of the community center when he noticed the two men who would have had to hop a 20-foot fence to get into the back area.

“They got a little table back there. They had drugs on the table, they had a lighter, they had everything set up,” added Spingola.

Spingola said the suspects assaulted him after he kindly asked them to move their things away from the youth center. The youth director is still recovering from his injuries, which includes a fracture under his right eye.

“That space right there and a lot of the spaces in San Francisco, it’s not okay because we do have to raise our kids. We do have to make sure our kids are alright and we just can’t keep exposing them to all of this foolishness,” said Spingola.

Since the attack, donations to help Spingola recover have poured in.

“When you have a pillar, a senior of our community who protects, serves, makes sure everybody in the community has an opportunity, that’s the type of response you get,” said Jon Henry, executive director of Both Sides of the Conversation, a non-profit organization.

Henry participates in many community events with Spingola and said Spingola has made a huge impact on many lives. San Francisco Police said they arrested one suspect, but the second suspect has not been found.