San Francisco city leaders have voted to suspend nearly $10 million of funding for the brand new Salesforce Transit Center after a crack was found in a beam on Fremont Street. 

Crews have been working on a shoring system on Fremont Street to support the cracked beam for weeks now — the concern is that suspending $9.6 million will slow down the continued project to expand the transit center. 

However, repairs will continue at the Salesforce Transit Center. 

Yesterday the San Francisco Board of Supervisors voted to suspend this money and create a peer panel of experts to recommend a plan for fixing the transit center. 

The money suspended was going to pay for rail lines that would eventually connect with Cal trains. 

But recent problems with the transit center has officials worried about putting any more money into this project. 

As you recall, the Transbay Joint Powers Authority closed the transit center on Fremont Street one month ago tomorrow after a crack was found in a steel beam and another shortly after. 

In the last few weeks, the agency has been working on a shoring system to collect a sample that could show how it cracked in the first place. 

It will stake a couple weeks to get those results back and then officials will work on a more permanent fix.