SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — A restaurant in North Beach thought it was hosting a fundraising event for the San Francisco Republican Party. But now that restaurant, American Bites on Green Street, says it’s embarrassed that the dinner turned out to be an anti-trans event.

San Francisco Chronicle opinion writer Soleil Ho attended the event last Thursday at American Bites and was the first to report that it was actually an anti-trans meeting.

The restaurant has since admitted that this was true.

In their column, Ho said that at the meeting, various anti-trans topics were discussed with participants yelling vulgar comments as high-profile transgender people’s social media accounts were shown on a big screen.

The restaurant has since put out a statement saying that the trans community was heavily targeted in the meeting and apologizing, saying:

“As a company, we do not endorse any of the talking points addressed. We take full accountability for catering this event without knowing its true intentions. In hindsight, had we known the true nature of this event, we would have never allowed it to take place.”

Due to ongoing online backlash, Yelp was forced to disable the restaurant’s page. The restaurant say it plans to change its booking policy.

KRON4 reached out to the San Francisco Republican Party for a statement but has not heard back.