SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — When the Warriors do well, so do restaurants and bars in the Bay Area. Fans coming to the city for games one and two are making their lunch and dinner reservations.

It’s going to be a busy weekend for restaurants with basketball fans and media from all over the country coming to San Francisco. Managers are excited about the businesses but wish staffing was back to normal.

The Ramp Restaurant has been in Mission Bay for 36 years— long before the Chase Center moved in just up the street.

General Manger Sergio Camacho says the high volume of calls Thursday are a good sign for how busy the weekend will be — with the Dubs getting home court advantage for Games 1 and 2 of the NBA finals.

“It’s been a blast to have it right next to us and we’re lucky that (Warriors guard) Klay Thompson comes through here sometimes,” Camacho said.

Like many restaurants, The Ramp had a difficult two years during the surges of COVID and its variants.

Camacho says he’s been able to breath a sigh of relief during the majority of 2022.

“As the regulations eased, definitely a bigger response people just coming out and not worrying about the masks or having to show proof of vaccinations at the door has really helped,” he said.

Games 1 and 2 will be hosted by the Warriors, but there’s also a possibility that the series will return to San Francisco for Games 5 and 7.

That is a schedule that benefits several industries, according to Golden Gate Restaurant Association Executive Director Laurie Thomas.

“The opportunity to not only showcase San Francisco and obviously the Golden Gate Bridge and everything and our restaurants, but also to get people coming back into our hotels,” Thomas said.

An issue this weekend with restaurants and bars welcoming basketball fans is staffing.

Thomas says job openings still exist at most locations, but at the same time, current staff are calling out sick.

“I know folks that have COVID positive staff that have been out,” Thomas said. “I would ask again patience. The restaurant might look like it can seat you, but maybe there’s no staff to seat you.”

Aside from the stresses of the restaurant industry, Thomas says owners and managers are just as excited as Dub Nation for homecourt advantage.

“We want to show off our city again and it’s starting to come back to life,” Thomas said.

A lot of visitors in town this weekend for the games at The Chase Center. Thomas says the city extending Parklet Permits into next year will be a big help for restaurants and bars dealing with the influx.