SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. (KRON) – San Francisco school board members voted Tuesday night to admonish, or formally reprimand, Commissioner Ann Hsu. The board held a special meeting as calls for Hsu’s resignation grew even louder.

Hsu has been facing criticism over comments she made about Black and brown families last month in a questionnaire. Many are upset by Hsu’s comments, calling them racist.

In that questionnaire, when she was asked how to increase academic outcomes for most marginalized students. Hsu said in part that Black and brown students do not perform as well as others due to a lack of family support. Many families showed up at Tuesday’s meeting full of anger and frustration.

Heated moments during SFUSD’s special meeting on Tuesday called for the admonishment of Hsu. Those in favor of the formal reprimand lined up to speak during the meeting.

One mother who spoke in the meeting said she was, “Insulted. Insulted. I cried not just for myself but for the community, but I’m here tonight as a Black mom, to stand in partnership with the Black community and the Latinx community to let you know Commissioner Hsu directly that we do love our babies and we do value education. We believe in Black excellence and Latinx excellence.”

The NAACP also held a rally outside the school district’s headquarters before the meeting, asking that Hsu remove herself from the board.

“We want them to admonish her and to ask for a full resignation immediately,” an attendee told KRON4 News.

Many in support of Hsu also spoke out, one saying, ”Stop with the theatrics! Stop with the hypocrisy! Focus on collaboration! I believe Commissioner Hsu displays the qualities of a true leader! I support commissioner Hsu. Don’t censure her. She’s not the problem. Chronically absent students are less likely to read at grade level, less likely to graduate, more likely to end up in prison. That’s the problem.”

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All board members, including Hsu, voted in favor of the admonishment with Hsu again apologizing. Hsu stated, “I misspoke while trying to discuss these serious issues and in doing so that unintentionally perpetuated harmful stereotypes. I made a mistake and I’m deeply sorry.”

This meeting was to again approve a formal warning to Commissioner Hsu, however it did not call for her resignation. Commissioner Hsu did not reveal any plans to do so at this time.