SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — San Francisco Board of Supervisors District 4 candidate Leanna Louie has been removed from the November 2022 election ballot for failing to provide sufficient proof of residency, City Attorney David Chiu said in a press release. Chiu said that Louie has “ties to multiple residences in San Francisco” and did not prove that her “legal domicile” was in District 4.

Louie has a long-time family home on Bridgeport Drive in District 10 and a rented space on 35th Avenue in District 4, Chiu’s press release said. An investigation revealed that she did not meet the burden of proof that she changed her legal domicile to the 35th Avenue location 30 days before declaring her candidacy.

“I appreciate that determining whether a candidate meets the legal requirements to be on the ballot is a weighty decision,” Chiu said. “However, our Office must follow the facts and the law to preserve election integrity. The information Leanna Louie provided was insufficient, and she did not meet her legal burden to prove she had changed her domicile to her Sunset apartment from her long-time family home in District 10.”

According to Chiu, a candidate can have multiple residences but must establish one as their legal “domicile.” The candidate must prove that they physically inhabit the domicile and intend to remain at the home. Louie was unable to prove to the Department of Elections that her domicile was in District 4.

Chiu said that Louie signed a month-to-month lease for the home in District 4 on March 1, 2022. On April 3, she cast a ballot using the District 10 address. On May 7, she re-registered to vote using the District 4 address. She declared her candidacy for District 4 supervisor on June 3.

Louie also has a home in District 11 and periodically stays with her fiancé in District 9. Chiu’s press release said that she kept the District 10 home as her mailing address and never filed a change of address form with the U.S. Post Office.

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“Since May 3 and especially after issues were raised in the media, Louie has taken steps to shore up her proof of residency at her rented space in the District 4 home, but those efforts are not relevant and cannot support her claim to have established residency 30 days before declaring her candidacy on June 3, 2022,” Chiu wrote in the press release.