(KRON) – The United Educators of San Francisco Teachers Association announced a tentative agreement was made with the San Francisco Unified School District on Friday at 6 a.m.

According to UESF, the two-year agreement includes:

  • Certificated educators receive a permanent raise on the salary schedule of $9,000 the first year and a 5 percent increase the second year.
  • Classified educators would receive a minimum salary of $30 per hour or an 8 percent increase (whichever is greater) in the first year and a 5 percent increase in the second year.
  • Longevity for paraeducators will no longer be 30 cents an hour at 10 years. Educators now have percentage wins starting at 5 years, with 1 percent at 5 years, 2 percent at 10 years, 3 percent at 15 years, and 4 percent at 20 years.
  • Substitute educators would see a 15 percent raise over two years. Prop A substitutes would make $80 more than the day-to-day sub-rate. There will no longer be a two-tiered pay rate for subs.

“Every win in this tentative agreement is the direct result of the organizing and advocating by educators, families, and community supporters who showed up and pushed the district to agree to a fair contract that would stabilize our schools. Since we started this process in March, educators and families have been rallying, picketing, and fighting for the school our students deserve. This TA is a direct result of our collective power.”


Further addendums include gains for fully staffed schools, improved working conditions, student support, protections from poor management decisions, community schools, and special education.