SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) – San Francisco community groups held a town hall Tuesday night in the wake of recent attacks against older Asian-Americans in the city.

The town hall was a chance for people to hear directly from their police chief and district attorney. Many concerned folks sent in questions and asked what the city is doing to keep their community safe.

“It was, the way I look at it, was Asian hate,” said Ebert Kan.

Kan is frustrated and disappointed to hear about more attacks against Asian-American elders in San Francisco. He said he volunteers with a group called United Peace Collaborative, which began patrolling Chinatown in March 2020.

“One of the seniors was attacked viciously and died because of it and I felt something had to be done,” said Kan. However, the vicious attacks have continued.

Most recently, a suspect punched a 65-year-old woman in the face multiple times in the Richmond District last week. On July 31, a 70-year-old Asian-American woman was robbed, beaten and kicked in the head inside her apartment building lobby on the 100 block of Francisco Street.

“Since July 31st we’ve had three members of the Asian community, who have been all elderly who’ve been senselessly and brutally attacked,” said Bill Scott, San Francisco Police Chief.

Investigators announced arrests in this case on Monday. The suspects were 18-year-old Darryl Moore and three juveniles, aged 11, 13 and 14. 

San Francisco Police Chief Bill Scott addressed this recent violence against Asian-American elders at a town hall meeting on Tuesday. “People are afraid to go outside. They’re afraid to go out of their houses and we cannot allow that to be the case in this great city,” said Chief Scott.

Chief Scott said SFPD increased patrols and continues to reevaluate hotspot areas. District Attorney Brooke Jenkins said her office created a new unit, the Vulnerable Victims Unit, dedicated to cases involving the most vulnerable populations in the city, including elders.

“We’re holding those who do choose to commit them accountable in a way that sends a message that this type of conduct is no longer tolerated in San Francisco,” said Jenkins.

The San Francisco Police Department and district attorney’s office said they’ll be working closely in tandem with each other to make sure offenders are held accountable to the fullest extent of the law.