SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. (KRON) – San Francisco transit riders, operators, and advocates rallied in front of the Municipal Transportation Agency building demanding a full restoration of all service lines after many were cut since the beginning of the pandemic.

While the MTA has made moves towards more cuts, city leaders say they’re now making headway with the transit agency in a reversal decision to bring back some of its lines by early next year.

Supervisor Dean Preston says its all thanks to community organizations and rallies like the one held Thursday.

On Thursday Muni riders, operators, and transit advocates rallied in San Francisco for the Municipal Transportation Agency to restore all of its lines that have since been cut during the pandemic.

Supervisor Dean Preston who represents District 5 says the cuts in service have had tremendous impacts on residents.

Preston claims that MTA’s been trying to eliminate lines and consolidate service to save on costs, however, he says the board is now starting to listen.

This comes as the transit agency announced on Wednesday that it’s temporarily suspending some short-line services, including these up on your screen due to employees who are still not vaccinated.

SFMTA Director Jeffery Tumlin writes, quote:

“Vaccines are safe, and the best way to protect the public, our workers, and their families. We’re preparing to minimize service impacts as mandate takes effect Monday.”

The suspension in short line rides goes into effect on Monday, November 1st.

While SFMTA will have to suspend some of its services due to operators not being vaccinated, Supervisor Dean Preston emphasizes that this is not the reason for all of the cuts in service previously.

He says ridership is up and more San Franciscans are getting back to work, so restoring these lines will be crucial for the transportation of this city.