SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — Although most of the major airlines and now TSA have officially dropped their mask mandates, airports like San Francisco’s (SFO) still have signs up inside saying “Masks are still required” – and it’s causing confusion.

“I thought well maybe they’ll tell me to take my mask off midflight,” SFO flyer said. “They didn’t but my colleagues flying delta and they announced on board that they could take their mask off in flight and everyone started cheering so I have to say there were a lot of happy flyers today.”

As of Monday evening, Delta, Southwest, Alaska air, United and American Airlines have all announced that they’ve dropped facial covering requirements. Meanwhile, some passengers like Michael Kim say they’ll continue to wear masks on board.

“I think I’ll probably still keep mine on,” passenger Michael Kim said. “I think for traveling it’s a good idea.”

The transportation security administration also issued a statement Monday night saying that “TSA will no longer enforce its security directives and emergency amendment requiring mask use on public transportation and transportation hubs.”

However, some airports like SFO are still requiring that masks be worn, pending confirmation from local TSA leadership.

“If I hadn’t checked online I wouldn’t have known about it,” another person said. “The only way that it was kind of validated for me was when I saw the flight attendant without their mask on, on the plane.”

This messages that some passengers might have missed on Monday as a handful of people were seen walking through SFO mask-less.

“On this flight just now most people kept it on so I’m hoping that stays,” Kim commented.