SAN FRANCISCO, Cali. (KRON) – “I feel like I landed in Mars!” Filled with disbelief, travelers were absolutely frightened by the orange sky arriving at SFO today.

Travelers from Denver were in awe as they landed in San Francisco Wednesday afternoon.

“When the plane is coming in it looks like overcast, but then it got an orange tint to it and you realize that’s not right. And then you see the ground through this orange haze.”

Even folks coming from Southern California couldn’t believe the difference in color.

“I’m used to the smog overlay. I see that all the time, but this definitely has a different feel to it,” said Mike Marlo.

As disorienting as the smoky haze may be from the ground, commercial airline pilot Laura Ensetler explained the conditions are alot like flying in fog.

“When we have low visibility conditions like smoke or fog we use our instruments as guidance for navigation and situational awareness,” Laura said.

The Butler’s said their pilot made sure to warn them of what may happen mid-flight. 

“He said we’d smell it in the cabin. That it would be the smoke from the fires. He must’ve repeated that several times so people didn’t freak out,” they said.

Travelers say it was hard not to let their minds wander…

“What more can happen in 2020?!” one SFO traveler laughed.

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