Following an active manhunt, San Francisco Police Department found and arrested Melton Earl Kelly on Sunday morning. 

Around 7:19 a.m. police took 25-year-old Oakland resident, Kelly into custody after police spotted him on the 300 block of Ellis Street.

Officials say he is being booked at San Francisco County Jail on 11 felony charges, including attempted murder, robbery, and mayhem.

Investigators began looking for Kelly after he was suspected of brutally beating up and robbing a man near the Powell BART Station on Friday around 5 p.m.

Kelly was caught on video kicking and punching the victim over and over again at the corner of Cyril Magnin and Eddy Streets.

According to Robert Avila, direct

Kelly was a temporary 90-day worker at Glide Memorial Church, Robert Avila, director of communications.

“We at Glide abhor violence and make it clear to our staff, whether permanent or temporary, that violence is totally unacceptable,” he said in a statement. “We recognize that violence is a societal issue that we all have a role in helping to solve. There is, however, never an excuse for violence. At Glide we strive to build alternatives and solutions to the violence that unfortunately permeates our society.”

The victim in Friday’s brutal attack is still recovering at a local hospital with life-threatening injuries. 

These photos are from a video recorded of the fight.