SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — Narcotics officers with the San Francisco Police Department seized a large quantity of drugs and made two arrests after serving a search warrant on a dealer in the Outer Sunset, according to a tweet from Investigations Deputy Chief, R. Vaswani. According to Vaswani, officers seized 2,113 grams of meth, 1,019 grams of cocaine salt, 17 grams of MDMA, 28 grams of pills, a “$10,000+ pay owe book” and “other drug dealing stuff.”

Two suspects were arrested.

A photo accompanying the tweet showed a large quantity of drugs and drug paraphernalia including bags and vials of white powder that appeared packaged for distribution and sale. Also in the picture was a quantity of cash and a book with what appeared to be dollar amounts next to a list of names that had been crossed out, assumedly to not make them public.