SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. (KRON) – The Great Highway will be reopening to car traffic once again, Mayor London Breed and city supervisors announced.

After only being open to pedestrians and bicycles during the pandemic, drivers will now be able to use the highway on weekdays starting Monday, Aug. 16.

The stretch of road between Lincoln Way and Sloat Blvd. will remain open to pedestrians and bikers on weekends and holidays.

This reopening plan is coinciding with the first day of school to help students and families get to school and will also help people who are returning to work during the week.

The new operation schedule for the Great Highway will be:

  • Friday at 12 p.m. until Monday at 6 a.m.: Open to pedestrians and bicyclists
  • Monday at 6 a.m. until Friday at 12 p.m.: Open to cars

This plan will be in effect until the Board of Supervisors considers a plan to extend beyond the pandemic emergency closure.

“The use of the Great Highway during this pandemic has revealed what we can do to provide our residents and families more opportunities to enjoy the west side of our city,” said Mayor Breed. “Having the Great Highway closed on weekends and holidays will make sure that residents and visitors still can enjoy this incredible space, while recognizing the needs of our families and residents who need to get to school and work during the week as we reopen. There has been a lot of ongoing community discussions and meetings about the long-term future of the Great Highway, and I look forward to that continuing over the coming months to inform the next phase of the project.”