SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — Giants fans walk past some of their favorite pre or post game spots for bites and beer.

Pete’s Tavern and its sister restaurant Pedro’s Cantina have shuttered their doors.

“I’m gonna miss Pete’s and Pedro’s,” Adam Swig said. “Those are legendary places. 2010, 2012, 2014 Giants win the world series — that’s where we were.”

Swig said he has great memories of celebrating Giants victories at the duel spots. 

He was sad to see that the two places so close to Oracle Park were unable to remain open. 

“It’s too bad,” he said. “It’s too bad so hopefully somebody takes it over and brings something special for fans and friends and family to enjoy.”

A sign on the front of both restaurants thanked people for supporting them over the last 12 years.

They suggest going to nearby Momo’s or Mission Rock Resort near the new Chase Center. 

Down the street from Pete’s and Pedro’s — pizza place Amici’s also closed their doors.

There was no goodbye note on the east coast style pizza joint, just an empty store front.

“I love this area and you know it just seems like places down this strip aren’t really happening anymore,” Monique Divivier said.

As San Francisco gets more expensive, people are expecting to see more of these kinds of closures despite location.

“I’m just shocked that there’s not enough traffic to keep businesses open,” Divivier said. “And with the rents so high, it should be more realistic that at least from across a baseball stadium we would be able to keep people and keep business going.”