SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) – Supervisor Gordon Mar, the San Francisco Police Department, and community groups in San Francisco’s Sunset announced the formation of the Sunset Safety Network on Wednesday — a response to crime and harassment in the westside neighborhood.

According to a press release from Mar’s office, the network was formed “to coordinate and expand public safety programs in the neighborhood,” including the SFPD Taraval Station, the Sunset Safety Squad, People of Parkside Sunset, the Outer Sunset Merchants and Professionals Association, and the Wah Mei School.

“The formation of the Sunset Safety Network will bring together Sunset organizations for a multi-pronged and comprehensive public safety effort to ensure that our families, seniors, and neighborhood are safe,” Mar, who represents the Outer Sunset on the San Francisco Board of Supervisors, stated in the press release. “The Sunset Safety Network will coordinate with law enforcement, the volunteer-led Sunset Safety Squad, our merchant associations, and community based organizations to increase safety in the Sunset District.”

The Sunset Safety Squad was founded by Sunset residents in 2021 to fight “rising violence” and “harassment targeting seniors and the Asian community,” the press release stated.

The Sunset, the largest neighborhood in San Francisco, hugs the Pacific Ocean on the city’s westside south of Golden Gate Park. According to city numbers, 53% of residents of Mar’s District 4 (west of 19th avenue) identify as Asian (compared to 34% of San Francisco at-large), and 25% are age 60 or older (compared to 21% of San Francisco at-large).

“The Sunset Safety Squad is excited to be united with law enforcement and other Sunset organizations to make our community safer, especially for many seniors and Asian community members that have been afraid to even walk on the street,” stated Alan Wong, the founder of the Sunset Safety Squad, in the press release. “We are excited to forge ahead with these other groups to form neighborhood block safety groups, give out safety whistles, conduct safety walks, and be a visible safety presence for the Sunset District.”

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Leon Chow was hired as the Sunset safety coordinator, and has been assigned to the Wah Mei School. Chow will be coordinating the network.

“In my role as Sunset Safety Coordinator, I will work to bring together the voice and participation of small businesses, residents, immigrants, and seniors in the Sunset District,” Chow stated. “I have already begun to regularly walk on Irving, Noriega, and Taraval to talk with merchants in the neighborhood and hear about their public safety concerns.”

Mar said he is happy to bring community and police together to help make the neighborhood safer.

“By bringing the community and the Police Department together to grapple these challenging issues, we will be able to provide small business relief and seniors a feeling of security when they walk down the street,” Mar stated.