SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — The parents of a Black first-grade student who was allegedly repeatedly called the N-word and subjected to physical and emotional abuse are suing the San Francisco Unified School District. In a legal filing with the United States District Court Northern District of California, the child’s parents named the school district, Ulloa Elementary School, principal Carol Fong and several school administrators as defendants.

According to the filing, the student, named as “Minor A.P.” or “Student A,” was physically spanked, hit, and called derogatory names and racial slurs that included “the N-word, fat, ugly, naked prune and stupid.” The filing also states that instead of addressing the situation, the defendants concealed it.

Fong, who was the school’s principal at the time, allegedly engaged in “a reign of terror — screaming at students and appearing scary.” Fong was reassigned by the district at the end of the 2022 school year, after becoming embroiled in a controversy stemming from her allegedly repeating the N-word while speaking to fifth-graders after the slur was used in a fight between students.

The legal filing also cites findings from the California Department of Education Equity which found that “it is more likely than not that Student A was bullied and harassed on the basis of race or ethnicity.”

The filing also names a “Student B,” who allegedly physically attacked Student A on at least two occasions and verbally harassed them multiple times during the 2021-22 academic school year. “Student B targeted Student A because of Student A’s race, ethnicity and national origin,” the filing states.

Student A was one of only 10 African-American students out of 534 students at the school, according to the filing. The bullying Student A was subject to occurred on school premises during English Language Development class, recess and at The School Children Center, according to the filing. “All incidents occurred in the presence of other students and their teacher,” the filing states.

The filing also states that Student A suffered “infliction of emotional distress” from Fong, because she “screamed” at students, resulting in Student A’s “fear of Fong.”

In addition to the school, the district and Fong, the filing also names several other defendants, including the school’s current principal, Mellisa Jew.