Sharks’ Evander Kane not participating in training camp amid domestic violence allegations

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SAN JOSE, Calif. (KRON) — San Jose Sharks’ star Evander Kane will not be participating in 2021 training camp until further notice amid a new set of sexual assault and domestic violence allegations, the organization confirmed.

Back in July, the National Hockey League announced it was investigating Evander after his estranged wife, Anna Kane, accused him of betting on his own games.

On Wednesday, the NHL put out a statement clearing Evander of the gambling allegations, but said it is now investigating new allegations from Anna.

Anna filed a request for a domestic violence restraining order on Wednesday.

The document, obtained by KRON4, alleges Kane physically and sexually assaulted his wife on a number of occasions.

The couple married in September 2018 and have one child together and are expecting another child early next year.

Anna said she is sincerely fearful of Evander and never came forward about the abuse because she knew Evander’s professional hockey career would come to an end — which would cause a financial impact on their lives, she added.

She claimed he was both emotionally and physically violent during their relationship, pointing the finger at Evander’s “compulsive gambling and drinking” to be the root of their problems.

When Anna allegedly tried to get her husband help, she said Evander would call her names, insult her intelligence, physically grab her, push her, slap her and force her to the ground.

“In the early part of our marriage, it was verbal abuse, but I eventually became his punching bag,” Anna wrote.

Anna explained a number of circumstances when Evander was allegedly abusive towards her.

One example reportedly happened this summer.

In June, Anna said they were living with Evander’s mom in Vancouver. She explains that their daughter was crying for more than 30 minutes while Anna tried to calm her down. Eventually, Evander’s mom stepped in to help and Anna tried to leave the room to go downstairs.

That’s when Anna claims Evander came into the room and grabbed her by the neck with both of his hands, picking her up off her feet and continued to choke her.

Anna said she could barely breathe or scream for help. She said she called 911 but hung up and officers didn’t show up.

In November 2020, Anna said she expressed to Evander that he has a gambling problem that was impacting their marriage and family.

Evander told Anna he was going to Las Vegas to gamble. Anna said she couldn’t tolerate him leaving all the time and coming back whenever he wanted. She said she couldn’t live that life anymore and explained to Evander that she wanted to separate if he went to Vegas.

Evander left to Vegas that weekend anyway, Anna said.

Anna said she eventually changed the locks and entrance codes to their home. When he returned home and discovered the locks were changed, Anna said he demanded entry into the home. Anna told him to get a hotel but Evander called the police who later arrived to the home.

Anna said the police told her that since they both lived at the home, Evander could break a window if he wanted to enter the home.

Evander ended up getting a hotel and the police left, she said.

About two weeks after that incident, Anna said the two continued to argue about his gambling addiction. She said he began to scream at her and pushing her while she was feeding their daughter.

She said Evander tried to punch her in the face, but instead struck their daughter in the face and then left while she hid in the bedroom.

Back in 2019, Anna said she contracted Chlamydia trachomatis from Evander that he said he got from a “locker room”. She said he refused to go with her to the woman’s hospital in Vancouver and she said to have a Dilation and Curettage, which she described as a “very painful surgery”.

A few months before that, Anna said their daughter Eva was delivered at 28-weeks at Stanford Hospital and died. She says she lost a severe amount of blood during the birth and remained in the hospital for a week.

The two returned home and Anna said Evander forced her to perform oral sex on him by “grabbing me by my hair roughly twisting it around his hand and forcing my head into his penis.” A few days later, Anna said Evander again forced her to have sexual intercourse with him even though she hadn’t healed.

Evander told her “you can’t rape your wife”, Anna stated.

Anna said Evander has a history of violence against other women.

In 2016, Evander was allegedly sued by a woman in New York who said Evander lured her to his room and sexually assaulted her.

Anna said in 2018, Evander got another woman pregnant and offered to pay her $3 million to have an abortion, but ended up paying her $1 million.

She added that Evander has previously threatened women for coming forward with the allegations, and told Anna he will sue her for defamation if she revealed any of the abuse that occurred during the relationship, she said.

KRON4 has reached out to the San Jose Sharks for comment but did not receive comment at the time of this publication.

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