‘She was a good soul’: Woman remembered as police continue to investigate San Joaquin Delta boat crash

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SKI BEACH (KRON) — Still more questions than answers as San Joaquin County Sheriff’s Office continues to investigate what exactly happened out on the waters Saturday night.

Robert Quintale, a friend of the woman who died in the boat accident, spoke with KRON4.

He said she just loved being out on the water. 

“She was out there a lot,” he said “She had a lot of friends.”

24-year-old Kelly Blake was well known around Ski Beach.. 

Officials said she suffered fatal injuries after two boats collided in the water Saturday night. 

“She was a good soul,” Quintale said. “Good heart and just all around good person.”

Quintale was with her just before the accident. 

“She wanted me to get on this other boat to go for a ride,” he said. “I passed it up and said ‘you guys have fun I’ll watch from here, and we’ll go for one last ride when you get back’. But that last ride ended up being her real last ride.”

“When our deputies arrived on scene they found five injured and one deceased,” San Joaquin deputy Angela Lopez said.

The sheriff’s office said they initially thought it was a hit and run. 

However, the second boat did in fact called 911 as they left the scene to get medical attention. 

“At this point right now, we don’t know the cause,” Lopez said. “We just know two boats wrecked in the Delta. We don’t know who hit who, we don’t know if it was alcohol-related, speed-related or maybe even a visibility issue but it’s being investigated.”

No arrests have been made and officials say those involved are cooperating with the investigation.

Blake’s exact cause of death is being investigated by the coroners office. 

“I just feel like if I would’ve kept her for five more minutes on that jet ski with me, she wouldn’t have ended up like this,” Quintale said.

Officials and Quintale are encouraging everyone to stay aware when on the water. 

“Just this whole incident will show everybody that you always gotta make sure of your surroundings,” Quintale said. “Pay attention.”

“You have jet skis, you have water skiiers, people swimming in the Delta, so just have a constant awareness of what’s going on and be safe,” Lopez said.

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