(KRON) — The Berkeley Police Department is investigating an incident in which a Jewish fraternity at UC Berkeley was targeted by vandalism over the weekend, as a hate crime. According to a social post from AEPi House, in the early morning hours Saturday, a group of individuals allegedly approached the frat house and scattered shellfish on the premises, at the front door, and threw it in the windows.

Shellfish is non-kosher and with the incident occurring on the first Shabbat of the school year, the incident, which was first reported in J., had the hallmarks of a deliberate antisemitic act.

“By singling out AEPi, the Jewish fraternity, and deliberately employing non-kosher food, this act of vandalism goes beyond mere destruction,” read a post on the frat’s Instagram page. “It represents a calculated decision to target Jewish students within our campus community.”

The Berkeley Police Department confirmed it is investigating the incident, calling the perpetrators an “unidentified group of college-aged students.” According to BPD, the group threw dozens of crawfish “all over the property’s exterior and into the house’s windows.”

Berkeley PD responded and spoke with fraternity members. Students at the frat, which is the only Jewish fraternity on the UC Berkeley campus, told officers that crawfish were a type of shellfish forbidden under the body of Jewish law relating to food.

“This incident occurred during Sabbath, a day of religious observance kept by Jewish people, and fraternity members were disturbed and offended by the overt act of hate towards them,” police said.

“We are working in close collaboration with both the Berkeley and university police, as well as the campus administration, to identify the individuals responsible for this hateful crime,” the frat said. “Our aim is to send a resolute message that such behavior will not find acceptance within our campus community.”

An incident report on the University of California PD, Berkeley website confirmed the incident, which was listed as a “Hate-Vandalism Crime.” The incident report also noted that the Berkeley Police Department was assisting in investigating.