MARIN COUNTY, Calif. (KRON) – Remember when the Marin County Sheriff’s office said Monday that if you’re not at Stinson Beach already, don’t go?

Well they weren’t kidding!

The department gave 130 parking tickets on Monday alone.

“That’s just for Stinson Beach,” according to Public Information Officer Sgt. Brenton Schneider.

About 339 parking tickets were given at the popular site over the weekend, about a half-hour northwest of the Golden Gate Bridge. These include Monday’s total, plus 145 on Sunday and 64 on Saturday.

The Golden Gate National Recreation Area warned that parking lots were full by noon Monday.

“Parking lots in Marin County, including #Stinson Beach, Muir Beach, and Rodeo Beach, and most SF lots, are full,” a tweet stated. “We welcome our visitors escaping the heat, and remind them to be patient, get shade, and don’t take chances with cold ocean currents or coastal bluffs.”

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The Sheriff’s office also took to Twitter to warn people escaping the record-breaking inland heat not to park where they shouldn’t, including on the landscaping of people who live by Stinson Beach.

“Yesterday, we issued over 145 parking citations in the Stinson Beach area,” that tweet, sent shortly after 11 a.m. Monday, stated. “Please pay attention to posted signs, do not block driveways and be respectful to the homeowners in the area by not parking on their landscaping.”

The office did not respond to a subsequent request for additional information about the nature of the parking citations as of press time.