Shocking video shows a car running a stop sign and then slamming into two children in San Jose.

And to make matters worse, the driver is seen backing up and then taking off.

Now, police are looking for the person responsible.

The good news is the children are OK.

KRON4 was in the neighborhood on Monday where people say they are hoping this video will help police find the driver.

It happened in the corner of Cottle Road and El Molino Way. The driver, not stopping at a stop sign, hit two kids on their bikes and doesn’t get out of the car to see if they’re OK.

Instead, he drives off.

Surveillance video captured the moment a white Honda Civic drove through a stop sign just as two kids on bikes are crossing the street.

The driver hits them and stops but not to check on them, just to back up in order to turn left and drive away.

“The leaving part is really disturbing,” neighbor Wallace Cardozo said.

Cardozo’s surveillance camera caught the entire incident.

“It’s not a good feeling at all, especially two young kids coming home from school like that,” Cardozo said.

He says the 12-year-old girl and 13-year-old boy suffered injuries but are doing OK.

One has a broken arm, and the other has a concussion.

Both of them were wearing helmets.

“I see a lot of it happen on that corner and this corner with cars not stopping or speeding through, a right-hand turn or left-hand turn there and coming up in here and doing a Hollywood stop,” neighbor Tom Lebherz said. “They just kind of look and go.”

Police say three people were inside the car. It happened last Monday at 3 p.m. and police are still looking for the driver.

Neighbors here say people speed here all the time.

“It didn’t surprise me at all because that’s the way kids are today,” Lebherz said. “They think they are not going to get caught. They think there’s nothing wrong.”

If you recognize the car or have any information about the accident, contact the police immediately.