Short-term rental home in Fairfield vandalized

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FAIRFIELD, Calif. (KRON) – A home in Fairfield, which neighbors say is illegally being used as a short-term rental, was recently vandalized and it allegedly happened while occupied by renters.

Earlier this month, Cliff Neal’s surveillance cameras captured a person approaching his neighbor’s house in Fairfield’s Green Valley community.

About 16 minutes passed and that same person is seen leaving the property.

Neal later learned the home was spray-painted with a message, a veiled threat for the occupants to leave or else.

“A nightmare for the renters, right? And, they shouldn’t have had to go through that,” Neal said. 

Neal says the victims were a large group of out-of-towners who rented the house online. He says their tires were also slashed.

The home is a point of contention for Neal and other neighbors in the area.

He says the homeowners remodeled the house with the intent of using it as a short-term rental with as many as ten beds inside.

Over time, Neal says the loud parties and debris renters leave behind have become a nuisance.

“To be clear, this rental is illegal. They do not have a permit. They were denied a permit in April of 2021. And, they thumb their noses at the board of supervisors who voted to deny them that permit,” Neal said. 

That vote came after at least 120 neighbors signed a petition requesting that the permit be denied.

Supervisor Jim Spering was the only one on the Board of Supervisors to vote to approve the permit.

Though he says, if the home is in fact being rented out, the homeowners are breaking the law.

“I don’t think the county could just look the other way, because I think the people in the community are very concerned about it. And, so, we need to take whatever legal action,” Supervisor Spering said. 

The Solano County Sheriff’s Office confirms it is investigating the vandalism.     

The homeowners could not be reached for comment.

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