Siblings in East Bay say they were harassed by neighbor for being Black

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FREMONT, Calif. (KRON) – A brother and sister in the East Bay say they were harassed by a neighbor and had police called on them for simply being Black. 

The pair says they were riding motorcycles last Wednesday night when a man came outside and started throwing rocks at them and told them to leave the neighborhood.

Part of the confrontation was caught on video.

This brother and sister tell KRON4 they’ve lived in this neighborhood for more than 25 years and for them to hear someone tell them they don’t belong, it’s just wrong.

They say this neighbor was judging them for being Black and was openly being racist.

Video from Wednesday night shows a Fremont man calling 911 on a brother and sister.

The man says they were harassing the neighborhood while riding motorcycles.

The man recording the video is Brandon Wilkerson who says that was simply untrue and that he was actually harassed because he’s Black.

“The reason that I pulled out my phone is because I heard the most outlandish thing that I can hear in my community when I’m doing something legal that this is not your community you do not belong here you need to go now,” Brandon said.

Brandon says he was teaching his sister Brittany how to ride a motorcycle. While they were cruising around he says this man began throwing rocks at them and yelling.

“Nothing about what we were doing was illegal,”

On the video, the man accuses Brandon and his sister of not being residents of this neighborhood.

They try explaining to him they have lived there for more than 20 years but the man wanted to hear none of it.

“He just continued to intensify the situation, his wife couldn’t contain him, he couldn’t contain himself, it was just a really ugly situation that did not need to happen,” Brittany said. 

The police did not show up that night.

Another neighbor who witnessed the ordeal said he would vouch for the Wilkersons if they did come.

The siblings say they don’t plan to press any charges against the man, instead they would like to educate their community about racism.

“A lot of people are in disbelief but it’s real, it’s real and it needs to stop,” Brittany said.

The Wilkerson’s say that they have not had any run ins with this man since.

KRON4 spoke with the man in the video who says he didn’t want to answer any of our questions without a lawyer. 

He says the posting of the video he believes is illegal and that this was a personal issue.

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