SANTA ROSA, Calif. (KRON) — The Santa Rosa City Council is pushing a sideshow ordinance forward that would give police the ability to arrest or cite everyone involved at sideshows…including those driving the cars, passengers, people watching on the street and organizers. 

 Santa Rosa city officials say the city has seen an increase in illegal sideshows over the last few years. Sideshows involve dozens, and often hundreds, of people showing up to watch cars drifting and doing burnouts and donuts.

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 They are held several times a month, usually at night on city streets or parking lots. Santa Rosa’s Chief of  Police says sideshows will not be tolerated and the new ordinance is a tool that would deter that type of dangerous behavior. 

The Santa Rosa City Council will revisit and discuss the ordinance at the Oct. 25 meeting and if approved, it will go into effect Nov. 25.