SAN JOSE, Calif. (KRON) – Law enforcement agencies across the Bay Area are looking for and cracking down on illegal sideshows.

Down in the South Bay, several sideshows broke out overnight in San Jose.

Drivers left marks where you can now barely make out a crosswalk.

One on South 10th street and East Alma Avenue brought out a huge audience. It happened after midnight, where dozens watched drivers circle their cars at high speed. There were vehicles and a VTA bus seen caught in traffic as it went down.

Similar scenes broke out at the intersection of 8915 Monterey road as well as on Mabury and Lanfest road.

Dozens of eyes were on the drivers screeching their tires.

City council member Sergio Jiminez says the city is working to crackdown on these events.

“It’s a public nuisance. People are getting hurt and we need to address very it forcefully.”

It is now illegal to promote sideshows in San Jose, and there’s also a city ordinance where spectators can face fines of up to a thousand dollars.