SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) – Two Silicon Valley executives appeared in a federal courtroom in San Jose on Thursday, indicted on fraud and money laundering charges.

According to the United States Department of Justice, Namrata Patnaik and Kartiki Parekh submitted 85 fradulent H-1B visa applications, and laundered $1 million they earned from their fraud.

H-1B visas allow a foreign worker to work in the United States on a temporary, nonimmigrant basis.

The two worked for PerfectVIPs, Inc., a San Jose corporation that worked in computer chip design products and services.

According to a news release, from 2011 to 2017, Patnaik and Parekh submitted 85 fraudulent applications, which said that the workers would be employed by or be contracted with PerfectVIPs, Inc.

“Once the applications were approved, Patnaik and Parekh instead created a pool of H-1B workers that were placed at employment positions with other employers, not with PerfectVIPs,” the news release states. “This practice provided PerfectVIPs an unfair and illegal advantage over employment-staffing firms. During the period of Patnaik’s and Parekh’s conspiracy, the indictment alleges, the other employers paid fees of nearly $7 million to PerfectVIPs to cover the cost of the H-1B workers’ wages and salaries as well as a profit markup for PerfectVIPs.”

Patnaik, 42 and of Saratoga, was CEO. Parekh, 56 and of Santa Clara, was the human resources manager.

The pair have been ordered back in court April 12.