BERKELEY (KRON) — Starting Wednesday, it will cost Berkeley residents a quarter for a single-use, disposable cup, thanks to an ordinance passed by the city council in January 2019.

As part of the new city legislature, all restaurants are now required to supply compostable takeout foodware and charge $0.25 for single-use cups.

Those using food stamps will not be subjected to the quarter fee.

Starting in July, any foodware — plates, cups, silverware, etc., — must be reusable as well under the new ordinance.

The changes apply to most businesses that serve food — like bakeries, cafeterias, theaters and bars.

The new measure also applies to city sponsored events.

Berkeley Mayor Jesse Arreguin, a cosponsor of the new policy, said in January 2019 the guidelines are aimed at lessening litter in the city’s waste stream — and to tackle the plastics problem across the globe. 

“We must find ways to address our pressing environmental challenges that are both feasible and impactful, and I feel confident this legislation meets both criteria,” said Arreguín in a statement when the ordinance was passed by the city council.

For more information on the new city ordinance, click here.