SAN JOSE, Calif. (KRON) – Multiple dogs have mistakenly ingested methamphetamine while out on a walk or at a dog park in San Jose, according to the hospital director at Med Vet Silicon Valley.

The dogs allegedly ate meth off the ground, which could have killed them.

David Espinal, who lives in south San Jose, said went on an evening walk last week with his husky Loki.

Espinal said 30 minutes later Loki kept pacing and wouldn’t settle down. So he rushed Loki to the emergency vet, and discovered he’d testes positive for meth.

“His temperature was really high when he came in so if he wasn’t treated that would have been life threatening,” Terra Schropp, the hospital director at Med Vet Silicon Valley, told KRON4 News.

Schropp said she’s never seen so many cases within such a small time frame.

Six dogs within the past month have been rushed to their emergency room.

“Some are excitable, some are agitated, some are twitching, some are, in extreme cases, having seizures when they come to us,” Schropp said.

Schropp said it can be fatal, requires treatment, and usually an overnight stay.

Schropp said medical professionals “will give them [the dogs] sedatives to calm their nervous system down, give them IV fluids, supportive care to get their temperature down… until they are able to be discharged”

Schropp is not sure why the dogs like Loki are attracted to eating meth.

She said two of the cases happened at Watson Dog Park.

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The others have been by homeless encampments.

Loki has fully recovered and Schropp said be careful on your walk.

“Definitely right now be really cognizant of where you are walking your dog,” Schropp said. “I wouldn’t let them off leash or rummage through bushes, anything like that.”

Schropp doesn’t necessarily recommend getting an over-the-counter drug test for your dog if you think they may have ingested meth, but if you need to test immediately do it and bring them to an emergency vet as quick as possible.