SAN JOSE, Calif. (KRON) – After several recent, high-profile allegations of misconduct, including officers showing up to work drunk and indecent exposure, the San Jose Police Department chief says he’s had enough.

“I have moved to terminate four officers, and will continue to walk out who will all agree should not have the honor of wearing a uniform here or anywhere else,” SJPD Chief Anthony Mata said.

Just last week, he escorted an officer out after he was charged with masturbating in front of two women while on the job. That’s just one of several recent incidents involving SJPD officers.

Wednesday at headquarters, Chief Mata laid out his plan to address the issues.

“Let me begin with my seven-point plan, designed to prevent similar instances in the future, improve officer well-being, and ensure excellent service to our city,” he said.

Mata’s “seven point plan” is as follows:

  • 1: Better hiring and background check
  • 2: Drug and alcohol testing
  • 3: Universal mental health and check-ins
  • 4: Officer wellness app
  • 5: Supervisor training and responsibilities
  • 6: Body camera audit
  • 7: He’ll be proposing legislation to change public disclosure laws, to be able to release an officer’s name when they’re charged with serious misconduct.

Assistant Chief Paul Joseph will be in charge of carrying out most of the chief’s seven point plan.

“We’re going to try to do all of these things as quick as we can, obviously none of them are instantaneous, some require negotiations with police officers association, but from comments they’ve made and discussions, they are every bit concerned about theses issues we are and every bit of correcting these issues as we are,” he said.

Time will tell if Chief Mata’s “seven-point plan” will be enough to restore public trust in the department.